At MCC Contractor we believe that creating or remodeling those places you spend most of your time – such as homes, offices, stores, restaurants – should always delight and preserve your senses, but never become a burden. This is why we mesh two passions in unique ways:

Quality Boutique Remodeling Contractor

let us be your Master of Ceremony (MC) for success

Smart Homes through Advanced Technology

adding customized Smart HomeTecConsulting

Not just another old school Contractor…
A modern Partner. Delivering Added-Value. For All.

and also … the perfect alliance between French Touch and Exclusivity


As your Contractor and Consultant,
we constantly and relentlessly strive for the best

  • Providing valuable advice and information
  • Selecting the best subcontractors and coordinating their tasks at best
  • Recommending and blending appropriate and useful technologies into simple solutions
  • Taking care of paperwork and proactively anticipating to avoid stress and delays

Because no one should have to hear:
sorry but force majeure, not our fault


A Synergie of two Worlds of Excellence
for Exclusive Service and Work Quality

  • Over 20 years experience – Over 200 projects accomplished
  • Focused on impeccable work quality and material selection
  • High-end luxury assets specialist
  • Delivering unparalleled customer service
  • Expert in technology, Domotica, and HomeTech
  • Highly experienced in serving high-end clients and expectations
  • English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese


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